Hints for Homework With ADHD Kids

Dealing with an ADHD student can be demanding and frustrating. However, seeing an ADHD student succeed and learn to cope with his disorder is also extremely rewarding for both teachers and parents. Helping ADHD students to complete and turn in homework is an important step to academic success.

Encourage Organization

ADHD students often have a hard time keeping all of their assignments organized. For example, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ online article, “Homework Tips,” many ADHD students will complete assignments but not turn them in the next day. This is obviously a very avoidable problem, and is also one which will discourage the ADHD student if it is not addressed.

Supervise Assignments

Many schools will allow parents of ADHD students to have special communications with teachers. This is very helpful if the ADHD student is not getting her assignments right, or simply not writing them down. If a student-teacher relationship is not possible, consider a homework buddy (another student in the class who hopefully has good note-taking skills). Have your student call her homework buddy if there are any difficulties with assignments.

Utilize Resources

Many schools offer online programs to help parents track assignments. Additionally, consider further educating yourself about ADHD treatment. There are many web resources available that target ADHD students and parents who are struggling with homework woes. These include http://www.factmonster.com/homework and the links listed at http://school.familyeducation.com/homework/activity/34550.html?detoured=1.

Allow For Space

ADHD students need time after school to breathe. Encourage extracurricular activities and social events. However, it is also important to make homework a regular activity. Thomas J. Power et. al’s helpful book, “Homework success for children with ADHD: a family-school intervention program” suggests practicing a ‘homework ritual.’ Pick a time in the late afternoon or evening that is optimal for your child’s focus skills. Additionally, set aside a room or particular place to study. This will give the ADHD student the organized and distraction-free setting that she needs to be successful.

Consider a Tutor

As noted at Familyeducation.com, it may be beneficial to hire a tutor for your child. Working with someone other than a parent may relieve some of the student’s stress and encourage them to focus on schoolwork, rather than any emotional issues they may have with parents.