How to Cope With Chronic Depression

Whether you suffer from severe or mild depression, there are ways to combat feelings of hopelessness. It’s estimated that approximately 16 percent of the adult population has chronic depression. Depression is more than the occasional blues. Some sufferers are unable to get out of bed, work, sleep or eat. What’s more, depression can affect their relationships with loved ones.

Get to the bottom of depression. Life experiences can trigger depression. These include loss of a loved one, financial pressures and health problems. Before a person can deal with the depression, he will need to find ways to cope with the traumatic experiences that cause sadness.

Keep yourself busy. Staying busy keeps your mind off your problems. Rather than sit around and wallow in self-pity or dwell on bad situations, discover an outlet. Find projects around the home or experiment with different hobbies.

Stay in contact with friends and relatives. People who deal with chronic depression tend to isolate themselves. However, this can intensify symptoms. Being around others can boost a bad mood and sufferers are more likely to forget their problems and feel better.

Know when to get help. Although some people can self-treat their chronic depression, serious depression may require the help of a professional. Talk with a doctor and learn about different treatment options. Initially, doctors may prescribe an anti-depressant to help regulate moods. If conditions don’t improve, patients may need to consult a therapist.

Learn how to deal with anxiety. Anxiety and obsessive thoughts can trigger depression. Rather than dwell on the bad things in life, focus on the positive aspects. This can be family, work or any special privilege. Everyone deals with a measure of problems. People who expect perfection are more likely to develop chronic depression.

Adopt a regular workout routine. Exercise reduces stress levels and boosts self-esteem, which in turn fights depression.

Whether you suffer from severe or mild depression