Living With a Spouse With Depression

Living with a spouse with depression is a difficult journey. Depression is among the most common emotional disorders, and it could destroy a marriage. Ideally, marriages are 50/50, but when a spouse is experiencing a bout of chronic depression, you will more than likely carry the load. Resentment and anger can easily develop from there. Creating a system of support and having the attitude that you are committed to your marriage is a strong foundation from which to start.

Encourage a Doctor’s Visit

If you suspect that your spouse is experiencing a major bout of depression, she should see a doctor to rule out any physical problems that could be linked to a change in behavior. Clinical depression is a biochemical disorder. There are also medications a doctor can prescribe to help your spouse cope with the overwhelming feelings and mood shifts that typically accompany depression.

It is also a good idea to encourage your spouse to visit a mental health professional. They specialize in this and other mental disorders and can be invaluable to the healing process. Encourage him to attend meetings and talk openly with a therapist about his feelings. Always make sure you know what medications he is taking so you can make sure they are being taken consistently.

Keep Moving

Try to keep your spouse as active as possible. Studies show that exercise releases endorphins that make us feel good. She might not be eager to get up and get moving, but she might start feeling better if she does.

Keep Home Life Peaceful

Try to keep things around home as peaceful and stress-free as possible. When people are depressed, they can be very sensitive to everything that happens around them. Small inconveniences can seem like major obstacles to your spouse.

If you have children, try to explain depression to them so they don’t take your spouse’s behavior personally.

Watch for Changes in Mood

Keep an eye on changes in your spouse’s behavior. If your spouse alternates between depression and euphoria, you might be dealing with a bipolar condition.

Living with a spouse with depression is a difficult journey. Depression is among the most common emotional disorders