The First Signs of Autism

With 1 in every 150 children being diagnosed with autism, it is important for parents to learn the first signs of autism in order to recognize problems. The first signs of autism are problems with social interaction, language and behavior.


Even as young as 1, children can show signs of autism, making it imperative for parents to be educated on the first signs of autism and typical developmental milestones.

Social Skills

A lack of social skills that could indicate autism includes no eye contact, not wanting to be held, not responding to his name, always playing alone and lacking judgment of other people’s feelings.


Language signs of autism include no words, not understanding words, not putting words together, speaking in an abnormal voice, not holding conversations and the loss of previous language.


Behavioral signs of autism include things such as hand flapping, performing routines, extreme reactions to change of routines, an obsession with certain objects and sensitivity to light, sound or touch.


If any of the early signs of autism are seen or suspected, it is imperative to arrange a medical evaluation for your child immediately.

With 1 in every 150 children being diagnosed with autism