Almond Flour Diet

Almond flour is ground from the almond nut, or fruit. The fruit in early stages is called a drupe. In later stages it becomes a nut. Almond nuts are an integral part of many diets. Almond has a number of uses, ranging from culinary, beauty and hair care to dietary. The almond is native to the Middle East region, and is grown in Jordon, Iran, Syria and Lebanon. Almond plants grow to a medium height, and almond flowers are white or pink.

The Fruit

The almond fruit is categorized into two types–wild and domesticated. Almond fruits picked from white flowering plants are known as sweet almonds. Pink flowering almond plants bear toxic bitter almonds. Bitter almonds contain 6 percent cyanide. This cyanide extract is used for medicinal purposes. In food processing plants, the toxicity of almonds is removed by roasting. The almond fruit has water, glucose and oil extracts, which are very popular in culinary and nutrition fields.

Almond Uses

Almond is a multi-purpose fruit. Its lactose- and gluten-free properties make it an affordable diet ingredient for people with autism. Almond flour, milk and butter are known to fight common colds and allergies, and to increase the body’s natural resistance to pollutants. Almond milk is a form of soy milk and is used as a dietary option to cow’s milk. Raw or toasted almonds contain natural salt and are used to treat epilepsy patients. Almonds and almond flour provide energy and keep blood glucose levels under check. According to the Indian tradition of health care, ayurveda, almonds are brain food, meaning almonds and almond flour can increase cognitive and intellectual ability, leading to greater retention and comprehension levels. In addition, raw almonds are said to help increase longevity.


Almond flour cake is prepared by using sweet almond flour and buttermilk. Almond flour is also used to make bread. Almond bread has healing properties and is used in gluten-free diets. The fruit is also used in desserts, scones, tarts, cookies and sauce. Almond sauce is prepared by cooking almonds till golden brown. The heat softens the fruit’s hard shell, releasing water and oil. Almonds and almond flour are also used in stir-fry dishes and custards. The fruit is also mixed with red wine to control cholesterol levels. Almond paste is made from sugar and orange juice as a spread. It can be used in desserts, bread and cookies.

Almond Oil

In addition to almond flour, almond oil is a widely used ingredient. Almond oil is extracted from the fruit kernel. It is used as a cooking oil to enhance the texture, aroma and taste of food. Almond oil is also used as natural body oil. It contains glycerin and soothes skin lesions and burns. It is used in massage therapy for its moisturizing and lubricating qualities.

Almond flour is ground from the almond nut