Can You Eat Whole Kernel Corn to Detoxify the Body

Buttered corn on the cob is a sweet and satisfying side dish for Barbecue Sundays. In addition to that, corn offers a lot of nutrients that the body needs on a daily basis. You can eat whole kernel corn to detoxify your body. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t neglect that corn on a cob.


A cup of corn is rich in fiber. It helps to detoxify the body and lower cholesterol levels. Eating corn reduces the risks of having colon cancer because it is one of the best organic colon cleansers available. With this kind of capability, there is no need to buy expensive colon cleansers or detoxifying pills; you can buy corn in the supermarket.

Having a daily dose of fiber helps you remove toxins in your body which includes toxins built up from previous years. Being able to get fiber from corn is good news because corn is readily available in any supermarket or in any restaurant.


Corn has a lot of nutrients to offer. It has Vitamin B1 or Thiamin that helps your metabolism (specifically of carbohydrates). Apart from Thiamin, corn has Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid which helps in physiological functions. It also has folate (the naturally occurring version of the B vitamin; folic acid is the synthetic version found in supplements) which assists the body in generating new cells (this vitamin is recommended for those who are pregnant). Corn also has Vitamin C; a cup of corn is enough to provide the daily dose of recommended Vitamin C.

Colon Health

Whole kernel corn can also be used in a plan to detoxify your colon. First consider the colon’s functions. The colon is one of the body’s elimination systems (others include the kidneys for metabolic wastes; lungs for respiration; and skin for sweating). In addition to eliminating unused food waste, it is also involved with the absorption of food nutrients. Sometimes, however, the colon becomes sluggish and inefficient. In order to prevent toxins from being absorbed, the body coats the colon with a mucus layer. Although this provides protection, it is also sticky and contributes to the retention of unwanted waste.

Since a healthy colon is maintained with regular elimination, it behooves concerned individuals to discover how long it is taking for food to journey through their gastro-intestinal (GI) systems. Whole kernel corn can help; it will pass undigested through the entire GI system. It is just a matter of timing the whole process. If it takes longer than 18 hours, your system is sluggish and you will need to detoxify (because of the accumulation of fermenting food and bacteria in the colon).

There are many natural remedies for a sluggish colon; adding raw vegetables and high fiber cereal is a good place to start. Hot drinks also stimulate digestion better than cold fluids do. Additionally, there are herbal remedies that help to stimulate the bowel to get it back on track. Cascara Sagrada is an herb that is non-habit forming; it was used by Native Americans.

Buttered corn on the cob is a sweet and satisfying side dish for Barbecue Sundays. In addition to that