Causes of Excessive Depression

Depression affects millions of people, and it affects people in different ways. When depression takes root, sufferers are rarely aware of the real reason behind the depression. There are several causes of depression, and many different ways in which it can affect people.


Genetics can play a significant role in whether depression strikes. Studies have shown that chemical imbalances that cause depression do tend to follow through the generations. If your mother, father or someone else in your family has suffered from severe depression, the likelihood of you having it is much higher.

Outlook on Life

Some people are naturally more pessimistic than others. You can train your mind to be happy, but you can train it to be sad as well. While this should not contribute to major depression on an extended basis, a negative outlook is infectious and it can be hard to get rid of once it becomes a habit.

Physical Health

The healthier a person is, the less likely they are to suffer from excessive depression. Depression also has a tendency to wear on the immune system, so depression and poor health are a vicious cycle.


Trauma is another significant cause of excessive depression. When traumatic or tragic things happen in our lives, it can be difficult to overcome grief. Happiness comes hard when troubling incidents wear on your mind, and some people deal with tough circumstances better than others.

Seeking Help

No matter what the cause of depression is, the important part is seeking help. The rate of suicide is higher among those who suffer from depression. It can take a toll on a person’s life that can be hard to recover from. Worst of all, it affects other people as well. If you feel like you are depressed–talk to someone. Get professional help. When it comes to depression, time truly is of the essence.

Depression affects millions of people