Natural Remedies to Remove Brown Spots

Most people have brown spots–or clusters of cells colored by pigment–on their skin. Nevi, or moles, come in various shapes and sizes–and most are completely harmless. Still, for aesthetic reasons you may decide that it is time for a particular mole or moles to go. How, then, to make this happen? Better yet, is there a natural way to remove brown spots? The answer is yes; there are several ways, including the use of honey, apples and castor oil.


Consider using a drop of pure honey to get rid of moles. Simply rub a little pure honey onto the mole several times each day for up to a month. Honey has long been considered by herbalists as a natural mole remover and may lead to the disappearance of these unsightly brown spots within a matter of weeks.


Or try the apple remedy. Obtain several sour apples from your local grocery store, then extract the sour apple juice. Rub this juice onto your moles at least three times a day for three weeks. Sour apple juice can work to thin out moles or potentially remove them completely within this period. After three weeks, stop applying the sour apple juice for three weeks before attempting it again, if needed.

Another apple option: use apple cider vinegar. Apply the apple cider vinegar to the mole then allow it to sit for 15 minutes before rinsing and drying the mole off. Repeat two to three times a day for a month.

Castor Oil

Another popular natural remedy: the combination of baking soda and castor oil. Mix a pinch of baking soda with two or three drops of castor oil, then apply this paste to the mole or moles. Allow the paste to sit on your mole or moles throughout the night. Repeat this process over the next week or so on a daily basis. The castor oil-baking soda combination can cause your mole to simply fall off. If the castor oil combo hasn’t worked after one week, cease its application for a week before trying again.

Most people have brown spots--or clusters of cells colored by pigment--on their skin. Nevi