Collagen Cream Effects

Promises, promises, promises—that’s what you will find on the hundreds of jars of collagen creams at any drugstore or retail center.The pretty-looking jars of collagen-filled cream will beckon you to buy them to restore your skin to the younger, natural state when you were in your twenties. The promotional information and advertisements for the collagen cream will have you dreaming of diminishing your wrinkles, moisturizing your skin and returning your skin back to its originally supple and taut beauty that it once held.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein that serves as the key component of connective tissue in your body. Collagen makes up to one-third of the body’s support system found in the skin, nails, eyes, heart, bones and the tendons. It is the essential glue that holds the body together. After about age 25, the body starts aging and the collagen starts to break down. This is when your body will start showing fine lines around the mouth and eyes as the first signs of aging appear.


Buying collagen cream won’t do much for your skin. Collagen is naturally produced in the body, but the purchased cream can’t get through the first several layers of the skin. Collagen molecules are too large to get through the epidermis layers of the skin.

Aging Happens

You can’t completely eliminate the aging process.You will get older and look older, no matter how hard you try, unless you obtain Botox treatments and expensive face-lifts every few years. Collagen creams do not contain the magic elixir of youth. Basically what you are buying in collagen-filled jars are empty promises of a youthful looking face.


Collagen skin care creams will only work on the skin’s surface, like other moisturizers. For your hard earned money, purchase an inexpensive mositurizer. Collagen skin creams will hydrate the skin and possibly plump up the skin. The collagen cream will work on the skin’s surface to make the skin look better, but it will not penetrate into any deep layer of the epidermis to repair the damage done by years of living.

Hundreds Available

There are numerous collagen containing products available online, and at just about any store where skin care items are sold. There are products with collagen, green tea collagen skin creams, and some with sunscreen thrown in for added protection. Some of the hundreds of collagen skin care items available include Dermalogica, Strivectin, Obaqi, Murad and Kinerase. According to the Anti-aging Skin Care Guide website (see References), the best collagen cream to purchase is one containing vitamin C, that helps to stimulate the natural collagen production in your skin, causing it to look fresh and young.