Diet for Kidney Diseases

The kidneys maintain the body’s water supply, remove waste and keep chemicals in balance. Kidney disease and renal failure can be caused by exposure to toxins, drugs, solvents, chemotherapy and heavy metals, just to name a few. Edema is a common symptom of any kidney problem. This occurs when the kidneys are unable to excrete salt and the resulting fluid promotes swelling in the body. However, there is a specific diet you can go on to flush out toxins and heal the kidneys. Incorporate these suggestions into your diet to provide aid to ailing kidneys.


Diets based on a high consumption of animal protein may result in uremia. Uremia is characterized as having too much waste and urea in the bloodstream due to improper kidney function. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, weakness and headaches. Prevent this illness by avoiding meat and poultry. Instead, eat beans, soy products, fish, lentils and whole grains. There are many meat alternatives on the market such as tofu, tempeh and seiten. Experiment with the ones you like to make delicious meals.


Ailing kidneys have a hard time removing all the salt and potassium the body ingests. Effects of high potassium levels include nausea, slow pulse, numbness and even death. Give kidneys a break by eliminating all salt from your diet. Refrain from eating fried foods, refined carbohydrates, processed foods and high-sodium soups. Read labels to get information about potassium levels. Avoid foods with potassium like smoked fish, cocoa, eggs, Swiss chard, beet greens, tea and rhubarb.


According to researchers at the Tokyo University Ichihara Hospital in Chiba, Japan, patients with kidney impairment given arginine showed improvement in their kidneys’ ability to maintain water and sodium levels and filter waste. Foods with arginine include seeds, legumes, soybeans and garlic.

Other Foods

Eat as many raw vegetables and fruits as you can to flush out your system and provide your body with beneficial antioxidants. Asparagus, celery, papaya, watercress, potatoes and parsley help kidney function. Watermelon is highly effective when cleansing the kidneys and body. Be sure to eat watermelon by itself so that it quickly passes through the system and doesn’t stay to collect toxins. Juice fasts are also helpful for getting the nutrients you need and giving your kidneys a break.

The kidneys maintain the body's water supply