Fiberglass Mat Uses

Fiberglass mats are constructed by the mixing and locking of crushed glass fibers. The normal weight of a fiberglass mat is approximately 1.5 oz. per square foot. Fiberglass mats are not woven material so they can easily fit into disfigured areas. Due to their absorbent nature they can saturate a huge amount of resin. Matting is performed in roving or used as a gel-coat in places where layers of waterproofing are required. Fiberglass mats are mostly used with polyester, dissolving the binder in itself. During construction it is made sure that the required thickness is obtained. The fiberglass cloth has a lower density then the fiberglass mat. There are several uses of fiberglass mats including automotive industry, boats, marines, bath tubs and showers and even for waterproofing different materials.

Car and Truck Repair

Fiberglass gets damaged easily when exposed to heat, grime, debris and water. Car and truck bodies are mostly made up of fiberglass mat materials. It is very likely that a vehicles body will crack after some time of use due to the exposure to the conditions mentioned above. Fiberglass is used in many parts of cars such as hoods, bumpers, and speakers. It’s inexpensive to replace small fiberglass mat parts but very expensive to use fiberglass in a larger quantity. When repairing is required in cars, a professional should be hired, as there are several things to keep in mind when working with fiberglass mats. The use of fiberglass mats can also be dangerous if skin is exposed to the material.


Fiberglass mats are very useful material. The fiberglass material can also be used as a filler layer between woven roving when laminating. It is commonly used by itself for a variety of glassing applications where a thick, heavy, durable, and coarse finish is required. Lamination is done to save the material from any sort of erosion. For binding, foam containing fiberglass and acrylic resin with temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius is used. The mat can be used on any curvature on the foam layer to result in laminating automotive parts.

Marine Projects

Chopped strands of a fiberglass mat can be used effectively with epoxy for a variety of marine projects. The capability to withstand moisture has been increased by the use of epoxy. Thus, fiberglass mats can also be used at the waterline, allowing hulls to survive in water for longer periods. Epoxy is used to provide a barrier coating that prevents the material from water complications. It has been tested and approved that the mat works well under water, having no side effects when subdued under water for long periods of time. This application can prevent marine boats from leaking. The mat, if mixed with polyester can easily take the shape of the mold thus giving the leakage hold a smoother look.