GABA Benefits for Constipation Relief

Gamma aminobutyric acid, or GABA, is one of a group of amino acids that works within the central nervous system and the digestive system. Abnormal GABA secretions can offset communications between the body’s central nervous system and digestive processes, resulting in constipation. Constipation relief occurs when GABA secretions and GABA receptors are functioning normally.

Coordinating Effects

The central nervous system coordinates communications between the brain and the digestive system using neurotransmitter chemicals, one of which is GABA. Normal digestive function relies on a balanced level of neurotransmitter secretions at the right times, according to Point of Return, a health and nutrition resource site. These secretions take place in the enteric system, which consists of sheaths of tissue that line the entire digestive tract. GABA’s role within the enteric system helps in coordinating when certain chemical and physical processes begin and end. When a communication breakdown occurs between the brain and the digestive processes, constipation can result. The communications link between the brain and the enteric system means mental stressors experienced in the brain can affect the digestive system. Normal GABA secretions promote constipation relief by reducing pressure within the tissues that lines the colon portion of the digestive tract.

Inhibitory Effects

GABA’s primary role as a neurotransmitter works as an inhibitory agent that reduces the effects of certain chemicals and processes within the central nervous and digestive systems, according to Point of Return. Specialized cells throughout the digestive tract act as sensors that monitor digestive processes and signal the release of certain chemicals within different stages of digestion. These sensors also receive signals from the brain, some which indicate stress and tension. Low levels of GABA make the enteric system more vulnerable to the effects of stress experienced by the brain. The brain naturally secretes stress hormones as a way to prepare the body for “fight or flight.” When this happens, normal GABA levels help to maintain digestive function by inhibiting the effects of these stress hormones on the enteric system.

GABA Receptor Effects

GABA receptors are specialized structures designed to absorb GABA secretions throughout the body. In some cases, constipation symptoms can result from the effects of certain medications on GABA receptor sites by impairing their ability to respond to GABA secretions, according to the Point of Return resource site. GABA secretions are designed to work on an intermittent basis by regulating the neurotransmitters that have an excitatory effect on digestive processes. When GABA receptor sites become unresponsive, increases in the body’s overall stress levels can cause symptoms of constipation to develop. Constipation relief results when GABA receptor sites work normally and GABA secretions operate as they should.

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