Gout Purine Diet

Gout is a form of arthritis ,which may cause joint tenderness and occurs when the human body absorbs too much uric acid produced within the bloodstream. Purines may be located primarily in animal protein and converted into uric acid within the body. A gout purine diet allows for managing your health condition by recommending food low in purines ,while minimizing high-purine foods and drinks.

A Physician’s Customized Gout Purine Diet

A gout diagnosis may include your physician creating and monitoring a customized gout diet plan. The physician may consider your current medical history and medications to ensure that you will obtain a good balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

A gout diet plan may be combined with gout medications or it may be used separately. It depends on the severity of your gout symptoms. If your symptoms are classified as mild, a gout purine diet plan may help reduce your medical symptoms without medications or a stricter diet.

Animal Proteins in Meats and Seafood

Your dietary intake of animal proteins may be reduced by limiting pork, eel and organ meats such as kidney. Limit your caloric intake of animal proteins to once or twice weekly. For example, eat a light breakfast of plain muffins without butter or seeds and one slice of turkey bacon instead of three or four slices. A purine diet is based on diet modification to help reduce your gout symptoms and it allows for an occasional treat.

Or, enjoy lunch by eating a plate filled with 2 oz. of fresh fish, a plain biscuit and a seasoned potato instead of a plate of mackerel with buttered cornbread topped with blueberry jam. You will still enjoy tasty meals daily ,but reduce your intake of foods high in purines.

Beverages with Gout Purine Diet

Speak with your physician about which beverages are acceptable and unacceptable for your gout purine diet. For instance, increasing your water intake may help remove uric acid levels from your body, while allowing your body to keep hydrated. However, your physician may recommend avoiding alcohol.

Plan on visiting your physician as recommended to maintain your gout diet. The doctor make adjust your diet if you are not complying and give you a strict diet such as no meats or no alcohol. Your physician requires your cooperation with your diet to keep your health condition stable.

Gout may cause health challenges. A gout purine diet may help reduce your symptoms by understanding and following your physician’s customized diet plan ,which may include reducing your intake of animal proteins and increasing the amount of healthy beverages.

Gout is a form of arthritis