Healthy Weight Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and joy for many women. Weight gain and loss, and how much is safe, is often on many women’s minds. Times have changed from the general philosophy in the past that pregnant women should eat for two. Today, your pre-pregnancy weight may determine how much weight a doctor advises you to gain. Most doctors do not advise women to lose weight during pregnancy, although some women may experience weight loss.

Pregnant Women With Gestational Diabetes

Pregnant women who have developed gestational diabetes–the onset of diabetes while pregnant–have benefited by some weight loss during pregnancy, according to research by The doctor who conducted the study recommended that women with gestational diabetes complete 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day such as swimming, biking or running. According to the study, women with gestational diabetes have lost some weight and their diabetes symptoms improved.

Obese Pregnant Women

Exercising during pregnancy is advised for most people and especially women who are obese or with a body mass index over 29. A BMI is the correlation between a person’s height and weight. The higher the BMI the more overweight a person is, and 18 to 25 is normal. Regular exercise for overweight women during pregnancy can help lower blood pressure, decrease risk of developing diabetes and can improve asthma symptoms. Even if you are overweight and pregnant, the study still recommends not losing more than a few pounds during pregnancy. It is recommended that obese women not gain more than 25 pounds while pregnant.

Pregnant Women With a Healthy BMI

Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, and if your BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9, doctors recommend you put on between 25 to 35 pounds. If you are at a healthy weight pre-pregnancy, doctors advise that you do not try to lose weight during pregnancy. Some people may not gain any weight during the first trimester and may even lose some weight due to morning sickness being prevalent during these months. This condition levels off in the second trimester and the appetite returns. It is healthy to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise per day while you are pregnant, even if you are currently at a healthy weight, according to

Maintaining Weight During Pregnancy

Maintaining your weight during pregnancy is best done by a combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many doctors recommend if you plan on becoming pregnant, you should research a healthy diet and practice it beforehand. Use a food diary and write down everything that you eat to guarantee that you are eating enough healthy nutrients and calories for the baby. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water. Doctors recommend you start with low-impact exercise if you are a novice exerciser. Low impact exercises are walking, swimming and light aerobics or riding a stationary bike.


Do not try to lose weight during pregnancy without first consulting your doctor. If you try to deprive yourself of too many calories, it can be detrimental to the health of the baby and could cause her to lose vital nutrients. If you are pregnant and obese, talk to your doctor about an exercise plan and a healthy diet. He can guide you through the pregnancy and help you maintain your weight.

Pregnancy can be a time of uncertainty and joy for many women. Weight gain and loss