Help Stop Sweaty Feet

Everyone gets sweaty feet at one time or another, but some people there ihave s a condition called hyperhidrosis, which is overactive sweat glands in the feet. There are 250,000 sweat glands in the feet, and some people will just experience mild moisture on their socks and shoes, while others with the condition will get their feet and shoes soaked. If the condition is left untreated, it can lead to fungal infections, athlete’s foot and smelly feet.

Practice Hygiene

Wash you feet daily, scrubbing between and under the toes with an antibacterial soap. Use a small brush on your feet to remove any excess scaling that may be present, as this can lead to a fungal infection. Be sure to dry thoroughly to eliminate any moisture in cracks and grooves. After washing your feet and when indoors, wear sandals to allow your feet to breathe. Always make sure your feet are dry before putting on socks, and never wear damp shoes or socks, as this will add to the condition.

Use Foot Powder/Spray

After washing your feet and making sure they are completely dry, apply foot powder liberally to the entire foot and make sure you rub some between your toes. There are many over the counter powders in the foot care section at your local drug stores, and if you are not sure what will work best for you, ask the pharmacist on duty what theyshe would recommend. Gold Bond also markets a foot spray that can be used. Spray the entire foot and make sure you get between the toes.

Prescription Medication

If you find no changes in the condition after trying foot powders, foot deodorant, and changing your daily hygiene, consult a podiatrist to determine if a prescription medication such as Drysol can be prescribed. As with all medications, the skin should be monitored to make sure there is no allergic reaction.

Replace Shoes

Continually wearing the same shoes will add to your foot problems. As shoes are broken in and worn down, they allow outside moisture to get in which added to the Hyperhidrosis condition creates additional moisture for the foot. Additionally, the shoe will become smelly as the socks will absorb the moisture and leave it in the shoe. When possible, wear sandals or go barefoot.

Everyone gets sweaty feet at one time or another