Herbs to Detox From Smoking

Smoking is a habit that millions of people have fallen prey to. It can cause many kinds of cancer, respiratory problems, heart attacks and strokes. Many people use herbal remedies to quit. Although different remedies work for different people, herbs have a big advantage, as they are 100 percent natural.


Lobeline comes from the plant lobelia, an American Indian tobacco plant. This herbal remedy contains a substance that is like nicotine and can help replace nicotine urges. You can use this herb to fill the void left by nicotine without any of the harmful side effects. Lobeline is very strong, so starting with a small dosage is recommended. It is found in the form of inhalers, chewing gum and pill.


Mimosa is a natural herb used by those trying to stop smoking, as it helps relieve major symptoms of withdrawal, including irritation and anxiety. It can also help relieve headaches. Mimosa can be taken as a tea.

Avena Sativa

Avena sativa is an herb used to treat insomnia. It can also help those feeling anxious and nervous because of their addiction. Research on avena sativa was reported favorably in the American Journal, and the herb is a completely natural way to help those who are attempting to break their addiction.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort has been in use for many centuries in Europe as an anti-depressant and is thought to help raise levels of dopamine in the brain, which decrease when someone quits smoking. St. John’s wort can enhance a person’s mood.


Nicobrevin is another herbal remedy that can help relieve cravings, anxiousness and depression that smokers who have quit can experience. It can also help control appetite, as many smokers turn to food to quell their craving for cigarettes. Nicobrevin contains a mixture of Vitamin C, chamomile and passiflora.

Smoking is a habit that millions of people have fallen prey to. It can cause many kinds of cancer