Home Remedies for Coughing

Home remedies for coughing may use common foods, drinks, supplements and steam to relieve the symptoms and pain from coughing. Using home remedies to relieve coughing may require some time to prepare teas or purchase herbs. Some home remedies may include ingredients that may only be found at specialty stores or online.


The purpose of using home remedies for coughing is to use natural ingredients to relieve the pain and irritation.


Citrus fruits, onions and garlic may boost the body’s immune system and help clear mucus from the throat and nasal passages, which can also relieve coughing caused by the body’s attempts to expel phlegm.


According to the Mayo Clinic, honey taken its own or mixed with warm water or hot tea can relieve coughs caused by colds.


Teas, such as ginger root tea and black tea with lemon, may soothe dry coughs especially those that occur at the end of a cold.


Steam produced by using a warm or cold mist humidifier or from running a hot shower can humidify the air and relieve dry coughs.

Home remedies for coughing may use common foods