How do I Find a Test Center for Adult Dyslexia?

Living with untreated dyslexia can cost you your education, job or other means of financial security. Between 10 and 15 million Americans suffer from dyslexia, according to the Dyslexia Research Institute, while only five out of every 100 dyslexics are diagnosed or seek treatment. Many cases go disregarded earlier in childhood out of lack of understanding from parents or educators. Seeking help and getting diagnosed for treatment can help you excel in every aspect of your life.

Visit your family doctor. He can refer you to a physician who specializes in dyslexia or will be able to arrange for you to test in the nearest facility.

Contact the International Dyslexia Association or the Learning Disabilities Association of America, by phone or website. They will have a list of your state’s testing facilities and contact information for each center.

Call your local school district. Educators refer students for learning disabilities and should have information on your state’s guidelines and facilities.

Living with untreated dyslexia can cost you your education