How Does a Chiropractor Adjust Your Back?

Chiropractors are highly-skilled doctors that aim to relieve pain, pressure and restricted movement of the spine. It is a profession that is far more than making cracks and pops in the patient’s spinal region. There are several varied techniques a chiropractor can use to help relieve their patient’s symptoms.

Bio-energetic Synchronization Technique

This involves the chiropractor applying subtle but precise pressure to the spine to release unblocked nerve energy. This will block any interference and restore balance to the nervous system.

Cox-Flexion Distraction

This involves stretching the spine to relieve lower back pain.

Palmer Toggle Recoil Technique

This involves speed and precision. The hands are placed over the sublaxation or point of pressure. The elbows are snapped for pressure but there is no cracking.

Logan Based Technique

This involves gentle, sustained pressure at the base of your spine. It works on the premise that one the lower back is corrected then the rest will adjust.

Nimmo Technique

This involves gentle pressure to the tender areas. The goal is to release muscles from spasms.

Chiropractors are highly-skilled doctors that aim to relieve pain