How to Benefit From Goat Milk Soap

Soap is a huge commercial industry and some of the largest companies in the world manufacture and advertise all kinds of personal, laundry and dish soap. Every supermarket sells literally hundreds if not thousands of different brands and kinds of soap. But few of them are safe and gentle enough for the human skin, rather they are formulated without harmful chemicals that cause drying and chaffing. Here are some of ways you can benefit from the most pure and healthy of all soaps.

Find a local source of goat milk soap. Currently, there are no large-scale manufacturer or distributor that offers a good grade of this soap. Often you can locate someone who makes it at a farmer’s market. Small local farms often make it as a sideline or byproduct. Some of them will make many different scents and shapes. Not all of it is the same. What you are looking for is purity and simplicity. This product is generally relatively expensive, in the $3 to $5 per bar range.

Wash regularly with this soap, whenever you shower or bathe. Over a period of time, it will have an amazing therapeutic effect. Usually people notice subtle changes to their skin tone, the way your skin feels, your complexion and your resistance to blemishes, body odor and skin discoloration such as those caused by rashes. Wash your face, neck and body.

Avoid using other cleansing products while you are trying goal milk soap. Eventually you can return to using your favorite products, but pay close attention to the differences. Usually most other products will reintroduce some kind of chemical, toxin or irritation that you don’t experience from goat milk soap.

Attempt to remove residue from perspiration as quickly as possible using water and lather from goat milk soap, especially after heavy workouts. Perhaps the most challenging kind of workout is prolonged running or walking while heavy sweating occurs because the skin between the legs and in the pelvic area rubs against itself or your clothing. This will, over time, cause chaffing, and for some people, this reaches an unbearable, even painful level. Use of goat milk soap will reverse this pattern in most cases.

Reduce use of skin moisturizers gradually but rapidly once you begin bathing with goat milk soap. A condition known as ashing will often disappear completely. Goat milk soap does not contain any added moisturizing agents. It is the purity alone that allows the skin’s natural oils to sufficiently lubricate the skin because the soap does not harm the skin or clog the pores as it cleanses.

Soap is a huge commercial industry and some of the largest companies in the world manufacture and advertise all kinds of personal