How to Build Up Breast Milk Supply

Although breast feeding is a natural instinct, it may take babies a bit of time to learn. Hence, it’s sometimes necessary to build up your breast milk supply so that you can sufficiently train and feed your baby. As your baby sucks milk from your breast, your body releases hormones that instruct your brain to prepare more nutrient-rich milk for your baby. Frequent and unrestricted breast feeding, incorporating natural milk-producing agents in your diet and avoiding milk-restricting herbs are your best bet to build up your breast milk supply.

In the initial weeks after delivery, squeeze out as much milk from your breasts as possible, as often as you can. Use a breast pump to pull out the maximum breast milk, as this triggers the body to increase milk production

Breast feed as often as your baby will eat. This is essential to a good nursing relationship. A good latch will help your baby gain weight, ensure sufficient milk supply and ease your discomfort.

Switch sides only after one breast is fully empty, and always offer the second breast for feeding. Let the baby decide whether he or she wants more.

Compress your breast to squeeze out more milk when your baby is latched to your breast and is sucking but not drinking. This technique will also help a sleepy baby squeeze the most milk out of your breast. Practice this technique from the first day of your baby’s life to give your baby maximum colostrum.

Drink mother’s milk tea to boost your milk production. Maintain a healthy diet and ingest fenugreek, alfalfa, blessed thistle, fennel seed, oatmeal and stinging nettle to stimulate milk production.

Ask your doctor about medical galactogogues like Domperidone, Metoclopramide, Chlorpromazine and Oxytocin.

Although breast feeding is a natural instinct