How to Calculate the Inspiratory Rate

Respiration, or breathing, involves inspiration and exhalation. Inspiration is the process in which air drawn in and forced into the lungs. The inspiratory rate is the amount of times that you breath in, in one minute. The inspiratory rate is also referred to as respiratory rate. While at rest, your body’s need for oxygen is not as great as during activity or exercise. For this reason, it is important to calculate your inspiratory rate while you are at rest to provide an accurate result.

Step 1

Rest for at least a half an hour before beginning to calculate your inspiratory rate. This will ensure that you are breathing normally and provide you with an accurate result.

Step 2

Start you stopwatch, and breath as normal for one minute. Count how many breaths in you take during that minute. A normal healthy adult’s inspiratory rate will be between 12 and 18 breaths per minute, and a child’s will be slightly higher.

Step 3

Take note of your inspiratory rate, to keep a record or take this information to your doctor if you are concerned.

Step 4

Repeat step two at least two times during various times of the day. This will ensure that there are no other factors skewing your results. Calculate the average inspiratory rate by adding all three inspiratory rates together and then dividing the sum by three.