How to Cut Your Own Curly Hair

Cutting your own curly hair is fairly easy–and unlike straight hair, uneven cuts are more difficult to notice. Find a style you like by looking through magazines or using the provided links as guides. Having a picture handy will be a useful reference as you cut your hair. Whether your curly hair is long or short, you can use your curls as a guide to create your own style.

Wash and style your hair as you usually do, allowing it to dry completely. Your natural curls will provide a better guide for cutting than if your hair is wet and straight. If your desired style involves a specific part, go ahead and part it the way you would like to wear it when you are done.

Cut off the desired amount of hair by using each curl as a unit, pulling it away from your hair as you do so. All hair is different, but curly hair tends to curl more the less weight it has, so remember your hair may shorten after you wash it.

Leave your hair down, and even it out and trim by running the scissors along the edges and snipping longer locks. Avoid combing or running your fingers through your hair, because this will disrupt your curls. To look at the back of your hair, face away from the mirror and, looking into the handheld mirror, position yourself so you can see the back of your hair.

Shape the hair around your face with your shears, using a photo of your desired cut as a guide for length and layering. Use thinning shears to reduce the bulk of your hair, or use regular shears to remove small chunks about halfway up the length of your hair. Remember to do this slowly; you can always cut more.

Brush your hair completely, then wash and style it again. Sometimes the hair you have cut will get caught up in your curls and could fall out later in the day. Make minor modifications as needed.

Cutting your own curly hair is fairly easy--and unlike straight hair