How to Deal With Nasal Congestion While Pregnant

Allergies, sinusitis and upper-respiratory infection can cause nasal congestion. Sinus problems among pregnant women are common, as hormones cause those passages to swell. But pregnancy also lowers the effectiveness of the immune system, making it easier to catch a cold. Whether you’re dealing with allergies, the common cold or just a stuffy nose because you are pregnant, there are ways to alleviate the congestion.

Sit in a hot bath or take a steam shower. The steam can open your nasal passages and get rid of the congestion.

Drink hot liquids. Consume liquids such as hot water, hot tea or chicken noodle soup The steam from these beverages and foods helps thin mucus in the nasal passages.

Use a saline nasal spray or drops. Apply spray or drops to both nostrils to loosen mucus and stimulate drainage.

Keep a cool-mist humidifier in your home to maintain a moist atmosphere and ease congestion.

Keep your head elevated. Lying down may worsen nasal congestion. Use pillows and sleep with your head slightly elevated to promote drainage.

Take a decongestant or antihistamine, but only after consulting with your obstetrician. Cold medications feature a decongestant to stimulate nasal discharge and relieve congestion.