How to Eliminate Calcium Deposits

The collection of calcium deposits in the skin, tendons, along bones or in scars is known as Calcinosis. It can be a painful condition, with many causes, including an underlying medical condition, such as over stimulation of the thyroid, tissue damage or lupus. Proper diagnosis of Calcinosis often requires a doctor visit and x-rays, and ridding the body of excess calcium and calcium deposits can be tricky, often requiring proper diet and physician assistance.

Step 1

Cut down on calcium in your diet. Though calcium is a necessary part of a balanced diet, many people have too much in their bodies. A temporary cutback in calcium helps the body rid itself of the excess.

Step 2

Take supplements such as alkalinizer tabs, lime water or aloe vera juice, which can be purchased at health food stores. Magnesium, which aids the body’s ability to break down calcium, is also helpful, so check vitamins or supplements for magnesium.

Step 3

Get a massage. Some massage therapists can help break down calcium deposits. Talk to your therapist, and make sure he knows how to treat calcium deposits.

Step 4

See a doctor. Doctors can tread calcium deposit pain with cortisone shots and oral anti-inflammatory medications; but to remove large and painful calcium deposits, surgery may be required.

The collection of calcium deposits in the skin