How to Get Rid of a Butterfly Mark on the Face

Birthmarks and other skin blemishes, especially when on the face, can make a person feel insecure. Butterfly-shaped marks are not uncommon and can be a result of scarring or skin pigmentation. Getting rid of a butterfly mark on the face requires some diligence but, while some methods are only temporary solutions, they can provide a boost in self esteem.

Apply a makeup base to the mark. A base is a makeup tone that matches your skin color and is useful for covering pimples, red marks and other discolorations. Keep the application within the butterfly shape of the mark as much as possible — the larger the application, the more obvious the makeup will look.

Apply a blemish-reducing skin cream. Follow all instructions for maximum effectiveness and to prevent skin damage. The cream is usually applied to your entire face and not just the butterfly mark itself, but it depends on the brand and the types of chemicals in the cream.

Rub lemon juice over the butterfly mark and allow it to sit for a half hour before rinsing. The acidity in lemon juice helps to lighten scarring and blemishes.

Walk in the shade whenever possible when you’re outside and wear sunscreen on your face. Sunlight could make the butterfly mark worse. If it is a result of scarring, the rest of your face will tan in sunlight while the mark stays the same color, making it more pronounced in contrast.

Visit a dermatologist. There are drugs and stronger creams available that can help reduce or remove blemishes, depending on their cause, but they frequently require a prescription from a physician. A butterfly mark on the face is sometimes associated with lupus when seen in conjunction with other symptoms so a doctor can help you determine whether the mark is a health concern, especially if it formed recently.

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