How to Get Rid of Nasal & Throat Congestion

Often occurring as a result of a cold, influenza, allergies or as a reaction to irritants, nasal and throat congestion can be serious in young children and infants, but in adults it usually is more annoying. With a little effort, you will be breathing clear in no time.

Use moisturized tissues to blow your nose. Blowing your nose regularly will help to relieve congestion and to prevent excessive drainage and throat congestion. Don’t use excessive force when blowing into the tissue, it’s not necessary and won’t clear up congestion more quickly.

Try an antihistamine. Antihistamines can help to clear up nasal and throat congestion from allergies and irritants. You also might find it helpful to avoid situations where you will be exposed to irritants such as cigarette smoke, dust and pollen, all of which can bring on and make nasal and throat congestion worse.

Drink plenty of water. Water helps to keep the nasal and throat passages moist, alleviating the congestion. A humidifier might help by keeping the air in your home or bedroom moist. Use one at night to ease discomfort while sleeping.

Use an over-the-counter nasal spray. There are several options that can help to loosen nasal congestion. You might feel drainage down the back of your throat while using the nasal spray.

If your problem continues, see your doctor, especially if your congestion is accompanied by a fever.

Often occurring as a result of a cold