How to Get Rid of Pink Eye Itch

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is a contagious eye infection that causes burning eye sensations, a continuous pus discharge and constant itching. The itch is caused by either bacteria or viruses that penetrate the thin, clear membrane enclosing the white part of your eye. The infection can lead to partial blindness if left untreated. By employing all the natural remedies below, you can successfully treat pink eye and remove the itch.

Blend two cups of flax seed with one cup of cow’s milk and apply it to the infected eye. The combination creates a powerful antiseptic. Apply the paste to your eye for twenty minutes every day until your symptoms disappear.

Apply fresh, grated potato to your eye. Potatoes contain a high-starch content which, when applied to skin or mucous membranes, cause a soothing feeling. Wash your hands and grate a potato using a clean cheese grater. Wrap a handful of the grated potato in a clean cheese cloth. Put it in a bowl and freeze for one hour. Do not squeeze out potato juices. The juices act as an antiseptic to kill bacteria. Apply it directly to the infected eye every morning until it is no longer red and itchy.

Prepare and apply marigold patties to your infected eye. Marigold leaves contain antibacterial compounds called luteins. Collect four cups of marigold leaves and add them to boiling water for ten minutes. The hot water will soften the leaves. Let stand for twenty minutes. When the leaves are soft, make a patty, lie down and apply it to your eye for thirty minutes. Use this remedy before going to bed.

Fennel seeds have antimicrobial properties. Add one cup of water to one cup of fennel seeds and blend until the mixture turns into a thick paste. Freeze the mixture for five hours and apply to the infected eye for thirty minutes. Rinse your eye with water afterward. Apply this mixture every day, preferably when you first wake up in the morning. Continue this method until the itching and redness disappears.

Rinse your infected eye with chamomile water. Chamomile flowers have soothing and antimicrobial compounds. Add three cups of chamomile (use entire flower), to two cups of water. Boil for fifteen minutes and set aside to cool. Strain out the flowers and transfer the water to a clean jar. With your hands splash the chamomile water on the infected eye. Use all of the water. Your eye will feel refreshed and less itchy. Apply this rinse three times a day until you no longer see symptoms.

Pink eye