How to Get Rid of Scars With Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is well-known for its ability to cure dry skin, reduce eczema outbreaks and reduce the appearance of scars. It contains nutrients essential for healthy skin as well as vitamins such as vitamins E and D. With just a few easy steps, you can see a dramatic decrease in your skin’s scars.

Take a trip to your local drugstore and purchase an exfoliating cleanser or body wash, natural lotion or moisturizer and wheat germ oil capsules. Look for a lotion or moisturizer that is low in alcohol, as alcohol dries out the skin. Dry skin can make your scars more visible.

Shower and use the exfoliating cleanser or body wash.

After your shower, use natural lotion all over. Pay particular attention to the problem areas where you have the most scarring. If you are treating acne scars, use a mild exfoliating face wash and an oil free moisturizer specifically for your face.

Take a wheat germ oil capsule and puncture it carefully with a knife or scissors. Apply oil directly to your scars. Do this twice daily, in the morning and before bed. Since you may only shower once a day, use the oil after your shower and then before getting ready for bed.

Drink eight 8-oz glasses of water every day. This will keep your skin hydrated and help with the overall health of your skin.

Wheat germ oil is well-known for its ability to cure dry skin