How to Know Your Personality Type

Your personality type plays an important role in your relationships, career and overall interaction with others.The categories of personality types can be derived from the Keirsey Temperament Test that puts personality types into four categories including Idealists, Rationals, Guardians and Artisans. In this test, the four temperaments are based on what we say and what we do. You can find out your personality type by determining the traits you possess that will place you in a particular personality category.

Determine if you have an “Idealist” personality based on your temperament. If you are a person who is enthusiastic, trusting, spiritual, kindhearted and trusting then you fall into this personality category. Idealists are often inspirational leaders, nurturing parents and committed mates.

Find out if your personality type is that of a “Rational” based on your character traits. If you are a person who is a problem-solver, pragmatic, independent and strong willed then you have an Rational personality type. Idealists tend to be strategic leaders, teachers, practical mates, adapting parents and counselors.

Decide if you have a “Guardian” personality type based on the type of characteristics you possess. If you are a hard-working, dependable, dutiful, humble and focused person you are a Guardian. Guardians are usually responsible parents, providing mates, community leaders, supervisors and inspectors.

Determine if you are an Artisan based on the type of temperament you exhibit. If you are artistic, realistic, creative, fun-loving, optimistic, spontaneous and bold you are an artisan. Artisans are often creative parents, lively mates and unconventional leaders.

Your personality type plays an important role in your relationships