How to Make Your PH More Alkaline Naturally

Every compound in the world has a certain pH level. This level, when looked at on the pH scale, determines how alkaline or acidic something is. If the number is below seven, the compound is said to be acidic and over seven means that it is alkaline. The human body is also subject to this scale and its pH balance can be either acidic or alkaline. If your body is too acidic, however, it can cause health issues. The human body works best if it is just a little bit alkaline as this allows cells to heal better and the chemical processes in the body to be more efficient.

Test your body’s pH level with a pH test strip. Depending on what kind of strip you are using, you can either test the pH with saliva or urine. Check the strip to determine where on the pH scale you fall.

Immediately cut out acidic foods. These foods include beef, pork, processed cheese, black tea, peanuts, coffee, beer and artificial sweeteners.

Begin to add high alkaline foods to your diet. These foods include herbal tea, raisins, spinach, broccoli, apples and pears. It will take a while to clear out the acid, but an increase in alkaline foods will help that process.

Cut out as many phosphates as possible. Phosphates bind to calcium (a very alkaline compound) and prevents the body from absorbing it. Phosphates can be found in carbonated drinks and animal protein like steak or chicken.

Add a calcium supplement to your diet. Calcium is naturally alkaline but it is difficult for the body to process. By adding a calcium supplement to your diet, you will be able to give the alkaline level a slight boost.

Every compound in the world has a certain pH level.  This level