How to Mix HCG

Human Choriogonadotropin, also known as hCG, is actually a hormone produced in the beginning stages of pregnancy and has now been found to aid in weight loss. Injecting hCG over the course of 40 days is said to bring drastic weight loss to men and women, especially for those who are obese.

The most important aspect to this type of diet is knowing how to mix the hCG for the correct dosage in order to achieve optimum results.

Before you begin it is important that you know what your dosage is. The standard is generally between 175 IU and 200 IU however, it is important you talk this over with your doctor so you are sure to know the exact dosage for yourself.

Prepare to mix the hCG. This process needs to be done in a sterile environment. Lay all the supplies on a sterilized counter or table. (You can use alcohol to clean this area and then let the area air dry). Wash your hands and dry with paper towels.

Before opening the glass vial of the hCG powder concentrate, clean the top of the vial with a sterile alcohol pad and clean the top of the sterilized water bottle as well.

Take a sterile needle and a large syringe to draw out 25 cc of the bacteriostatic or sterile water. Throw that needle away and put a new sterile needle on the syringe.

Inject 1cc of the sterile water into the vial of hCG concentrate. Make sure you do this slowly and do not let the needle touch the inside of the vial – if that happens you will need to throw that needle away and replace it with a new sterile needle immediately.

The powder will begin to dissolve. Gently swirl it; never shake.

The remaining 24 cc of sterile water is to be injected into the sterile glass vial. Using a new syringe, draw out 1 cc of hCG and then replace the needle.

Sterilize the glass vial with a new alcohol pad and inject the hCG into the sterile glass vial which contains 24 cc of sterile water.

You will now have 25 vials of 1 ml doses that can then be used for injections.

Human Choriogonadotropin