How to Naturally Treat Pink Eye

Pink eye causes the eye to flare up, water, and become red or pink in color. There are many different kinds of pink eye, which can be caused by anything from a virus, which makes it highly contagious, to a Vitamin A deficiency. You can treat a mild case of pink eye fairly easily and completely naturally. If you have a bad case, though, it may be best to consult your eye doctor.

Wash your hands before you begin to treat pink eye. Use soap and water to get rid of any bacteria on your hands that may find their way into the infected eye.

Start taking zinc supplements when you get pink eye. Dissolve them under your tongue in order to take advantage of the anti-viral capabilities of this element, which can help treat viral pink eye.

Know that eating raw garlic while you have pink eye will help it clear up much quicker. It has a compound known as allicin, which is a very strong antibacterial and antiviral that will get to work on your pink eye in no time.

Drink echinacea tea to treat pink eye. It also provides an amazing boost to your immune system. This herb has been used for thousands of years as a cure for many different ailments, including the common cold and the flu. It can help to clear up pink eye very quickly.

Consult with your eye doctor if your pink eye gets worse or does not go away in a week or so. Pink eye needs to run its course and these natural remedies will help it clear up faster, but sometimes stronger treatments may be necessary.

Pink eye causes the eye to flare up