How to Remove White Scars

Scarring on the body occurs when there is injury or trauma to the skin. The body then heals the wound by forming new collagen over the wound. Since this collagen is newer and generally not of the high quality of existing collagen, it appears different and can have a variety of different shapes and sizes, depending on the severity, depth and length of the wound. A scar is an important part of healing. A white scar forms when there is a deep cut or wound that basically destroys the pigment cells in the surface skin. During the healing process, excess collagen forms and fills the wound, preventing new pigment cells from reaching the surface of the skin. This loss of pigmentation is called hypopigmentation and a white scar is the result.

Removing White Scars

Smear aloe vera gel over the white scar several times a day. Also try sandalwood paste applied to the scar and left on overnight.

Dermabrasion or chemical peels scrape away or remove the first few layers of the skin where the scar lies. For deeper scars, more than one treatment may be needed.

Laser treatment is used to resurface the skin by burning off the scar tissue with light.

For very deep and noticeable white scars, surgical removal will cut out the entire area of scar tissue. The new wound will be replaced with a graft of skin from another area of the body or simply sutured closed. Small stitches will create a much smaller scar.

Collagen can be injected to fill scars that are sunken and raise them to normal skin level. This method, however, requires regular treatment.