How to Sell Gold Dental Fillings

With the rise in values of commodities and minerals, many people are looking to cash in on gold that they’re not using, like old jewelry or gold fillings. Follow a few easy steps, and you’ll be able to get the most out of your surplus gold.

How to Sell Gold Dental Fillings

Document what you’ve got by taking pictures and, if possible, weighing the gold dental work. Gold dental work is an amalgam of different metals, some precious, some not. The composition of the dental work’s metal will be the chief determining factor in how much money you’ll get for it.

Check your local phone book for jewelers or pawn shops that buy gold. Call them and inquire about their policies for buying dental gold. If you have some local contacts, take a trip to each of them and have them give you a quote for how much they’ll pay you for the gold.

If you don’t have access to any local shops that buy gold, you can do the work online. There are many online businesses that will buy gold, sight unseen, if you simply mail it to them. If you want the best price, find an online store that you can actually contact, and inquire about a possible pricing of your gold. These businesses make it very easy for you to mail gold to them, usually with a prepaid envelope. Read reviews for different sites, and be sure they’re a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Once you’ve determined whom you’d like to sell the gold to, take the gold to them, or mail it as the case may be.

With the rise in values of commodities and minerals