How to Take Care of Numb Feet

Your feet may be numb and lacking in sensation due to various reasons, such as diabetes, poor circulation in your feet or a neurological condition such as a stroke or Multiple Sclerosis.Whatever the cause of the numbness, numb feet are particularly prone to complications, so it is extremely important to take care of your feet.

Look at your feet every day, especially the soles of your feet. Look for any color changes, swelling, bleeding or skin changes. If you notice anything different, visit your podiatrist or physician. (Use a mirror with a long handle if you cannot physically reach your feet. Have someone else check your feet daily if you are unable to do it.)

Avoid going without shoes. As you cannot feel your feet, you will not know if you have stepped on a sharp object that can cause an injury to the sole of the foot, such as a tack. This may lead to an infection if left unoticed.

Check inside your shoes daily before you put them on. Look for any foreign bodies, rough stitching or seams that could place pressure on the skin.

Ensure that you wear only good-fitting and supportive footwear. Have your shoes fitted professionally. Avoid slip-on shoes with thin soles. Instead, choose shoes with laces or a strap and cushioned, supportive soles. If you are unsure which shoes are appropriate, speak to your podiatrist.

Visit your podiatrist on a regular basis. Your podiatrist will monitor the sensation in your feet, help keep your feet healthy and assist in the prevention of any complications associated with numb feet.

Your feet may be numb and lacking in sensation due to various reasons