Morning Dry Mouth Treatment Options

According to, dry mouth is a condition that is especially common when you wake up, because the three main salivary glands in the mouth slow down or stop production while you are sleeping. Nervousness and stress also affect the salivary glands. There are several ways you can treat morning breath.

Treating Morning Dry Mouth

Drinking a cup of water first thing in the morning can alleviate a dry mouth, according to

Close your mouth while you sleep. Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose while you sleep can dry out your mouth, leading to bad breath. It can also lead to snoring.

Drink two to three glasses of water before going to bed to hydrate your body before you go to sleep.

Check the side effects of the medications you’re taking. Many medications that treat conditions such as depression and insomnia can leave the body dehydrated, causing a dry mouth, according to Check with your doctor to see if there are any alternative medications that don’t have this side effect.

According to