How to Use Lemon Oil for Your Health

A fragrant essential oil obtained from the rinds of lemons, lemon oil’s numerous healing health benefits are derived from its astringent, antiseptic, detoxifying and anti-fungal properties. Throughout recorded history lemon oil has been used by medical practitioners to treat infections, fevers, skin disorders, to aid digestion and to provide a rich source of vitamin C. Lemons are a symbol of purity and cleanliness with documented medicinal applications dating back to 900 BC.

Health Benefits of Lemon Oil

Relax with the scent of lemon oil. The crisp, lemony odor of lemon oil has antidepressant properties. Use in a reed diffuser or add a few drops to a humidifier to alleviate depression and aid relaxation. When lemon oil is inhaled it’s said to improve memory and concentration.

Add a few drops of lemon oil to a base massage oil such as almond oil. The pungent scent of lemon aids in calming stress and hyperactivity. Add a few drops of lemon oil to bath water to heal and soothe skin disorders.

Chew a small piece of lemon rind to release the oils and freshen breath.

Apply lemon oil to skin disorders by dabbing with a cotton swab. Lemon oil is known for its ability to fight infection and help stop bleeding. The oil’s astringent and antiseptic properties make it useful in treating scraps, cuts and other open wounds.

Treat fungal infections of the feet with lemon oil. Add a few drops to hot water and soak the feet to relax muscles and heal foot infections. Lemon oil is antiseptic and anti-fungal.

A fragrant essential oil obtained from the rinds of lemons