How to Use Maca

The maca plant is grown in the Andes mountains of Peru. After it is roasted, the root of the plant tastes like butterscotch. Maca contains essential fatty acids and a high nutritional content. It is considered something of a nutritional powerhouse when it comes to stabilizing the body and helping both women and men combat physical problems as well as memory loss. Legend has it that during the Incan Empire, the soldiers consumed maca before going to war because it gave them strength and endurance; however, they were banned from taking it at other times in order to protect women who had been taken into captivity from their sexual impulses, which were powerful due to their maca consumption.

Choose between taking maca in capsule form or using the powder form. advises that you can take maca with or without accompanying food; however, if your digestive system is sensitive, you will be better off taking it with food. Tablets and extracts are also available, according to (see Resources).

Mix maca in a glass of water and drink it straight.

Put the maca powder in cereal, either hot or cold.

Make a protein shake or a smoothie and put the maca powder in it.

Combine the maca powder with fruit juice, although this may cause gas, according to (see Resources).

Purchase organic maca. According to, the fields in the Andes where maca is grown are sometimes contaminated by the area mines. If you purchase non-organic maca, you may be buying a product that has mercury in it, and you risk getting mercury or lead poisoning (see Resources).

The maca plant is grown in the Andes mountains of Peru. After it is roasted