Ismart Massager Problems

The Mini iSmart Massager, a portable electronic device, works similarly to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) units chiropractors use. ISmart Massagers have wire-connected pads that attach to the body and send electronic impulses through the skin. Although they’re efficient, you may still encounter problems.

Pads Stop Sticking

The Mini iSmart’s massage pads are pre-coated with a sticky substance that allows them to firmly attach to skin. They are disposable and need replacing more often depending on frequency of use. To assure the pads last as long as possible, make sure your skin is clean before attaching them and wash them between each use.

Electrical Impulses Sting

When the massage pads wear out or dry up, they can produce a stinging sensation on the skin. Sprinkle three to four drops of water with fingertips onto pads before each use to keep them moist.

Weak Electrical Impulses

As the Mini iSmart Massager’s rechargeable lithium battery wears out, the electrical impulses weaken. Even though the battery may still have some power, you must recharge it to feel the full impulse.

The Mini iSmart Massager