Lymphoma Colon Cancer Symptoms

Lymphoma colon cancer is ultimately a cancer that affects the large intestines, namely the colon. Sometimes referred to as colorectal cancer, lymphoma doesn’t commonly occur in the area of colon, more so within the rectum in colorectal cancer diagnoses, but it has been known to happen. When this form of cancer develops within the colon, a person will suffer from certain symptoms that can oftentimes be troubling.


Many people who are suffering from lymphoma colon cancer may experience episodes of diarrhea, often for weeks at a time.


A person with lymphoma colon cancer may also suffer from bouts of constipation, frequently for the same period of time as someone with diarrhea. This will be due largely to any blockage the cancer has caused.


This particular symptom of lymphoma colon cancer may manifest as either bleeding from the rectum or the presence of blood in the stool. When stool contains blood, it may be very evident with streaks of blood or more unclear with an actual change in color to a tarry, almost black-looking stool.


Many people with lymphoma colon cancer will suffer from a certain level of cramping or pain, mostly revolving around their bowel movements.


Though this particular symptom isn’t exclusive to lymphoma colon cancer, a person with this disease may begin to feel an almost overwhelming sense of exhaustion or fatigue. Sometimes, it may also bring about some muscle weakness.

Lymphoma colon cancer is ultimately a cancer that affects the large intestines