Natural Treatments for Toenail Fungus Infections

Toenail fungus is a hard condition to cure, because the fungus grows underneath the toenail in the nail bed. This means that it is difficult to get medications and treatments to the affected area. While there are medications in the form or creams, liquids and even pills to treat toenail fungus many people prefer natural treatments and home remedies.


The affected toenail needs to be trimmed back as much as possible, or even removed in the event that it has been smashed or cracked. This will expose the fungus and nail bed to the treatments. Remember that the nail bed is a very tender area and trimming or removing the nail may be quite painful, if at all possible removal should be done by a professional.

Epsom Salt Soaks

Soaking the affected foot in Epsom salt mixed with hot water will help wash away fungus and improve circulation to the nail bed. However Epsom salt is not an antifungal treatment so while this may provide temporary relief it is not a cure, but more of one weapon in the arsenal.


Plain old white kitchen vinegar is the most popular antifungal natural remedy for toenail fungus infections. Soaking the affected area once or twice daily will kill the fungus and help repair the nail bed. Vinegar is strong and has a strong odor but it will do the job and clear up the toenail fungus.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is a natural treatment that works as a pain killer and antifungal product. You can apply Tea Tree Oil as often as needed and it will help kill and remove the fungus while repairing the nail bed and helping the new nail grow in fungus free and strong.

Oregano and Olive Oil

Oregano mixed with olive oil to make a paste for the toenail is a treatment that addresses the basic problems of toenail fungus. It seeps in under the remaining nail and the oregano has natural antibacterial and anti parasitical properties.The oil helps distribute the oregano throughout the nail and nail bed.

Toenail fungus is a hard condition to cure