Protein Allergy Symptoms

There are many different types of specific food allergies, but an allergy to protein is more broad. It generally affects children, but a small percentage of adults are affected as well. Some common foods that cause this allergy include tree nuts, legumes, milk and shellfish. When a protein allergy hits, it can be accompanied by symptoms.

Eyes and Nose

Two symptoms of protein allergies take place in the eyes and nose. Watery eyes and sneezing can take place.


The mouth, lips and throat can also be affected by protein allergies. Itching is one of the symptoms.


The skin can also show symptoms of a protein allergy. Eczema, rashes and hives can break out.


The stomach can also experience discomfort. In the worst of cases, vomiting can take place.

Digestive System

Diarrhea is commonly associated with stomach flus and digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. It is also a symptom of a protein allergy.

There are many different types of specific food allergies