Rose Oil Recipe

Rose oil has many uses, not least of which is as a relaxing, soothing massage oil. Its fragrance also eases anger, fear and depression, and some use it to relieve heart problems, eczema, stress and high blood pressure. It can be used for skin conditions, as a bath oil, as a perfume, as an aphrodisiac and for menstrual problems.

Making Rose Oil

You can make rose oil and rose water at the same time with a heating and cooling method. Put a small, heavy bowl in a deep pot, fill it halfway with water and put a layer of rose petals in the bottom of the pot with more water, halfway up the bowl. After heating the setup to boiling, place a large bowl full of ice on top of the pot and allow to simmer for several hours. The small bowl will contain both rose water and rose oil; separate the two by pouring the mixture through a separator funnel. This produces a very small amount of pure rose oil; if you want a larger quantity and are OK with a more diluted oil, there is another method, recommended for soap or candle fragrances by Shirley Reed of the North Country Soapmaking Library. Again, use fresh rose petals, but soak them in olive, jojoba, coconut or palm oil. Crush the petals into the oil, and let the mixture stand for a day. Press the oil out of the petals, then strain the oil to get out any remaining pieces. Add fresh rose petals to the oil, press and strain it again. Do this at least six or seven times, and the fragrance will get stronger each time.

Rose Oil Recipes

For a massage oil, mix a drop of rose oil with jojoba or almond oil for a relaxing, fragrant and skin-stimulating massage. For a face oil, mix a drop of rose oil with almond or apricot oil, and vitamin E. Make a room misting spray with two or three drops of rose oil, sea salt and water.

A hot or cold rose oil compress can be made by putting four to six drops of oil into hot or cold water, soaking an absorbent cloth in it and applying to a muscle ache or headache. Rose oil can also be used to clear the lungs in a steam treatment, by putting three to five drops in a bowl of boiling water and breathing in the steam from the bowl.

Rose oil has many uses