The Effect of Soft Water on Kidneys

Kidneys filter and remove waste and excess water from the blood, regulating the composition, volume, and pH of body fluids. Water softeners work by removing calcium and magnesium ions, and replacing them with sodium ions, which can be hard on your kidneys.

The Facts

Soft water is acidic and aggressive at stripping metals, such as lead, and other contents from pipes and faucets. Soft water also contains higher levels of sodium and is low in mineral content, according


The kidneys moderate the amount of sodium kept in the body. If there is more sodium than the kidneys can handle, it will collect in the blood.


Sodium attracts water and will increase blood volume, causing your heart to work even harder to pump blood through your body. This results in high blood pressure.


Drink bottled water or get a water filter to supplement your water softener.


High blood pressure can damage your kidneys, as well as your heart, brain and arteries. Soft water should never be used hot from the tap as a cooking shortcut or to prepare baby formula.

Kidneys filter and remove waste and excess water from the blood