What Are the Benefits of Ginger Capsules?

Since ancient times, ginger root has been used to treat digestive disorders. Recent medical studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in treating nausea due to chemotherapy, motion sickness or pregnancy.


A study performed at the University of Rochester in New York showed that chemotherapy patients taking ginger capsules several days before chemotherapy had fewer or less severe incidents of nausea than those given a placebo.

Pregnancy Related Nausea

Studies involving groups of 30 and 70 women showed ginger to be effective in reducing pregnancy-related nausea. In both tests, those who took up to 1 gram of ginger for four days reported significant relief from nausea and less vomiting.

Motion Sickness

According to the journal Lancet, a study in which people with a history of motion sickness took powdered ginger prior to being spun on a motorized chair had greater tolerance against nausea.

How it Works

It is believed that the pungent phenolic compounds (such as gingerols and shogaols) and volatile oils are the active agents responsible for ginger’s good effects.


The root can be taken fresh, dried or powdered and can also be made into a tea. In capsule form, the typical dosage is 250 mg.

Since ancient times