Brazil Acacia Berry Side Effects

The Brazilian acacia berry, or acai berry as it is best known, has made a big splash through shows such as Oprah. The berry has become very popular among people trying to lose weight.

Mild Diarrhea

The acai berry contains natural cleansing properties which cleanse the body and the bowels. Increased trips to the restroom may occur.


Persons allergic to berries, or who have a fructose intolerance, will have adverse reactions to the acai berry fruit and should not take it.


Acai berry supplements often contain addictive substances such as caffeine. With prolonged use of the acai berry supplement, an addiction could result.

Loss of Appetite

Acai berries contain a natural suppressant and will decrease the appetite.

Bowel Problems

Acai berry supplements often contain laxatives. People might have trouble passing the bowels when the product is discontinued.

The Brazilian acacia berry