Cayenne Pepper Alternatives

High blood pressure can be very dangerous and is one of the silent killers in the world. Amazingly, cayenne pepper is considered to be a healthy avenue for aiding in several health-related issues. It is a product from the capsicum herb, an annual that has stems that branch out and leaves that are oval shaped. White and green flowers that are shaped like bells bloom in the spring and summer. The hollow fruit then follow that are different colors as they ripe. It is made up of capsaicnoids, saponins, pyrazines and Vitamin C.

Cayenne Pepper as an Alternative for Overall Circulation

Cayenne pepper is beneficial for helping to lower blood pressure. Anything that aids in lowering blood pressure will naturally help with cholesterol levels as well. High blood pressure can cause thickening of the arteries, so it is crucial to retain a normal blood pressure level to prevent arteries from clogging. It can improve circulation and is an aid in helping with symptoms of colic. It is also a gastrointestinal detoxifying agent and can help to stop bleeding.

Cayenne Pepper as an Aid for Internal Organs

In addition, cayenne pepper can be used for laryngitis if it is added to water and gargled. It can also beneficial in helping to heal the gastrointestinal track. Because of the main ingredient of capsaicin, it is an aid in helping to subside side effects caused by congestion, so it helps to take the edge off of colds. It can also help to prevent stomach ulcers by killing the bacteria that causes them.

External Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper can be applied to the skin, providing a sensation of warmth that can be soothing for people suffering from arthritis, pleurisy, sprains, itching etc. Cayenne pepper can also be poured directly into the wound to ease the bleeding. It can also help with cold feet problems by putting a second pair of socks on top of the first and add one teaspoon of cayenne pepper into the second pair. It can be used to help circulation problems by stirring in one to two teaspoons of cayenne pepper into the bath. The oils in the pepper can help add heat to the water. In addition, it can help people suffering from fibromyalgia by adding capsaicin cream that is made from cayenne pepper topically to reduce overall pain.

High blood pressure can be very dangerous and is one of the silent killers in the world. Amazingly