Cellulite Pain

Painful cellulite is tenderness of areas that have cellulite. Depending on where cellulite is located, cellulite pain is felt only during specific movements or when sitting or standing a certain way. Painful cellulite is an indicator of advanced cellulite development; consult a doctor for a treatment plan.

What Actually Causes Cellulite Pain

Often in cases of cellulite, the fatty deposits are very close together. Moving or sitting can cause these deposits to rub together. The friction created by this rubbing causes cellulite pain.

Who Gets Cellulite?

There is no concrete rule on who will get cellulite. It is most common among women from the age of 14 to late adulthood. Often it forms in women after pregnancy, in sedentary individuals, or in people who have suffered major trauma whose vascular system has been disturbed. Cellulite has been known to be hereditary as well as be caused by poor diet.

Who Doesn’t Get Cellulite?

Individuals who maintain a highly active lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet decrease their chance of developing cellulite. However this does not completely rule out the possibility of the cottage-cheese appearance cropping up. Men have a lower occurrence of cellulite due to the structure and distribution of fat cells in their bodies.

How to Get Rid of Cellulite

Currently there are a number of creams that claim to treat cellulite. These creams work by increasing the elasticity of the skin surface, allowing it to lie more smoothly. These creams do not actually remove cellulite; once you stop using these skin cream treatments, the skin reverts back to a normal state and cellulite returns. The best way to control cellulite is through exercise and diet. Remember to consult your physician before you begin any new treatment, diet or exercise plan.

If You Experience Painful Cellulite

If you begin to experience painful cellulite you should see a doctor. Excess fat in your system can lead to heart and vascular conditions. However, cellulite is not an indicator of heart or vascular problems that may occur later in life.

Painful cellulite is tenderness of areas that have cellulite. Depending on where cellulite is located