Detox Foot Patches & Reflexology

Detox foot patches are placed on the soles of the feet for from eight to ten hours, for the removal of toxins from the body. The patches contain all natural ingredients, and no artificial chemicals. Reflexology involves a number of techniques based on the premise that the nerve endings on the feet contain points called meridians that serve as channels to link different parts and organs of the human body. Meridians are also directly linked to the function of the circulatory and lymphatic systems of the body, which are believed to be improved through the process of reflexology. Manufacturors of detox patches claim that the patches stimulate these same meridians, thus drawing toxins out of the body through the soles of the feet.

How Detox Patches Work

Foot pad advocates claim that toxins enter our bodies through chemicals in the foods we eat, cigarette smoke, air pollution, and as a by-product of the body’s natural metabolism. They hold that detox patches heat the soul of the feet and draw out toxins.from the body. The patch containing a combination of wood vinegar, far infrared, and minus ion emissions, is believed to stimulate the meridians, resulting in a breakdown of waste molecules and water, that frees blockages in the lymphatic and circulatory systems, allowing blood to flow freely for the elimination of waste.

Why Detox Foot Patches Work

The idea of a detox patch applied to the sole of the foot to draw toxins from the body is based on a long held Chinese concept that the human body has 360 acupunchure points, and that more than 60 of these are located in the sole of the foot. It holds that our feet reflect the zones of our internal organs, and are a hotbed for toxins to collect, thus the appropriate place for their acceleration from the body. The natural ingredients found in the patch work to accelerate and unleash the toxins through the acupunchure points.


While skeptics suspect the variance of colors found in the stained pads after use could be due only to the combination of sweat and wood vinegar involved, advocates of the patch claim the colors are directly related to the particular toxins the patch has removed from the body, and sometimes the area from which it was eliminated. They hold that black stains represent toxins removed from the liver, brown represent toxins related to cellular debris and tobacco, dark green are related to toxins removed from the gallbladder, orange stains were removed from joints, red stains are removed blood clot material, white represents yeast that was removed, and yellow-green stains represent toxins removed from the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.


The benefits many claim from using the detox foot patch are improved blood circulation, more efficient elimination of waste, and easier movement of lymphatic fluids. This creates added energy and improved lifestyle through improved ability to sleep, easing of joint and muscle pain, improved immune system, a feeling of vigor and general well being.


Reflexology sessions involve applying pressure to the hands or feet with movement of the hands, thumb, and fingers. Many insist that anything that does not include these techniques has noting to do with reflexology, and should not be marketed as such. While many claim to have experienced wonderful benefits through use of the detox patch, no solid evidence has been compliled to prove this method actually removes toxins from the body. Before becoming involved with any procedure or product related to health concerns, it is recommended that you first consult with your doctor.

Detox foot patches are placed on the soles of the feet for from eight to ten hours